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Spoot's Picks

This page is filled with all my personal favorites, mostly from shows I've been to, but also stuff I've downloaded. If you don't agree with a pick, oh well. I'm not going to change it because its supposed to be MY favorite. If you have suggestions, I'd be more than happy to give them a listen, but that does not mean I will add it to the list.

The list is going to take some time to complete because there are so many choices. Some songs will have multiple versions listed because, well, I like them all. I'll also have acoustic and guests listed.I will also try to list a reason as to why I chose a certain version for each song, including some that are "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED", and will be labled as such.

NOT EVERY SONG IS LISTED. Some songs I haven't heard enough to make a decision, some songs don't change enough to really have a "best", and others just aren't good enough to be worth listening to, at least in my opinion.






All Along The Watchtower - Stefan Solo> 8-8-07
          Capping off an insane show, I got my first Watchtower. Stefan does a crazy midevil/Super NES game sounding solo and then into an intense Watchtower. The rest of this encore (Gravedigger and ABI) is also on this page.

American Baby

American Baby Intro - 8-8-07
          This was my first ABI, but I've heard a bunch of them through tapes. What I like about this one is the way its built up. They take all 3 steps, they don't skip. Dave's vocals and the band's energy are on the same page the entire way through. This is how ABI is supposed to sound.

Ants Marching


Best of Whats Around

Blue Water - 2-25-95
          I've heard a bunch of Blue Waters, but none that I've heard are as dark and depressing during the jam as this one. While Warren Haynes is a great guitarist, he's solo takes away from what the song is. Boyd, Carter, and Stefan give you a sense of anger and sadness during the jam. THIS is the version that will send chills through your body.

Crash Into Me        

Crush - 6-23-06
          This is the best Crush I've heard. The core of the song is strong and spot on, but its the jam that takes this version to a new level. Everybody's individual solos during this Crush were the best I've heard. Boyd went nuts as usual, but this one has a better flow to it. Roi and RR are great trading lines, kinda playing their own dueling banjos. And then Carter has a sweet little spaz attack to end the song.

Cry Freedom

Dancing Nancies

Digging A Ditch

Don't Drink The Water - Intro> 6-23-06  ;  8-7-07
          6-23-06 is my favorite DDTW. The Intro is awesome, very creepy vibe, the best I've heard from 06, and DDTW is solid. 8-7-07 is on this list because of guest Xavier Rudd. He has a sweet solo before DDTW and adds a very unique sound to the song.

The Dreaming Tree - 6-23-06
          I couldn't believe I was hearing this song at the time. This one has a great outro with Carter and Rashawn and is keep in check to about 13 minutes instead of a long meandering end like IZOD has.

Drive In Drive Out

Eh Hee

Everyday - 6-23-06
          Yet another song from Hershey. This Everyday gets the nod over the other 4 that I've seen because of the #36 Reprise. Dave sings a full verse and chorus to #36 while the crowd and Boyd sing their parts. Dave then joins the crowd with the "Honey, honey"s to the end.

Grace Is Gone - 7-5-06
          This Grace has an INSANE Hoedown jam, and that is why it made it to the list. So much fun, and I had no idea at the time that the Hoedown even existed. What a great surprise.


Gravedigger - 8-8-07
          The crowd is what really sets this version apart from others. They sing word for word with Dave louder than any other that I've heard.

Grey Street - 7-5-06

Halloween - 11-9-94

Hello Again

Hunger For The Great Light - 6-23-06

I'll Back You Up

Jimi Thing - 6-22-05



The Last Stop

Lie In Our Graves

Louisiana Bayou - 6-23-06

Lover Lay Down - 7-5-06

Loving Wings

The Maker


Old Dirt Hill

One Sweet World


Pay For What You Get




Rhyme & Reason - 9-22-06


Say Goodbye

So Right

Song That Jane Likes - 8-8-07


The Stone

Sweet Up and Down

ASTB>Too Much - 8-8-07

Tripping Billies

Two Step


You Might Die Trying - 8-7-07